The Process

The process begins with a drawing which is transferred photographically to a 1/4" brass magnesium or steel plate.

Using self-made carving chisels and engraving tools, Chong carves the design in reverse into the plate. He then makes a casting from the plate in fiberglass resulting in a positive fiberglass plate.

Using miniature power tools, Chong smooths the image edges.

He then removes the background areas from the metal plate to a depth of 1/8" with his custom-made freehand milling machine.

Judi attaches the metal plate (the die) to a heated die holder on the press, with the fiberglass "counter" opposite it on the platen. Paper is then placed over the fiberglass counter. Color mixed with wax and sprayed onto a Mylar carrier (green in this picture) is placed wax side down over the counter. The heated plate melts the wax and transfers the color simultaneously as the paper is embossed.

Larger designs are airbrushed and/or added to original watercolor paintings.

All matting and framing is done in the studio.

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